DMD Computers is an Italian company based in Turin, established in 1976 from the collaboration of a group of dynamic engineers and highly specialized technicians. Over the years, thanks to a clear vision, a strategic evolution of the products, and a particular attention to the customer satisfaction, DMD Computers has maintained constantly high and growing both turnover and sales. Over the years DMD Computers has become a leading company in the design, development and production of industrial IT systems and subsystems, used in the automation of production processes, in motion controls, in robotics, in test equipment and diagnosis, in the automotive field, in the telematics for public and private transportation, in safety equipment for production plants, in the smart cities applications and in the eye diagnosis systems constantly maintaining a high functional standard of products and production quality. Our mission Is based on providing and constantly improving the highest possible level of technology and innovation, a range of products as complete as possible, the development of products oriented to customer needs and environmental qualification services in accordance with international standards. Our Skills: DMD Computers is placed on the market as a qualified company in the design and production of HW platforms and its basic and application SW for projects for:

  • Telematics for fleet management
  • Diagnostics in the Automotive sector
  • Industrial automation Robotics Safety systems
  • Energy savings systems in public lighting networks
  • Eye diagnostics systems
  • Diagnostic systems for dyslexia and psychomotricit


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

DMD will participate in the MAS4AI project as an IT & technology provider. DMD will be involved in the wood processing use-case leaded by SCM, focusing on the integration of security-based technology within their facilities (WP6). In addition, DMD will give support in the development of model-based machine learning algorithms in WP3 and in the definition and specification of requirements in WP1. Finally, DMD will contribute in the Communication and Awareness Plan as well as in the Exploitation and Business Plan in WP7.