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1 Simultaneous Production and AGV Scheduling using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning 2021
2 A toolbox of agents for scheduling the paint shop in bicycle industry 2021
3 Enabling a Multi-Agent System for Resilient Production Flow in Modular Production Systems 2021
4 Utilizing Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning For Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Under Sustainable Viewpoints 2021
5 Developing a Decision Support System leveraging Distributed and Heterogeneous Sources: Case-Based Reasoning for Manufacturing Incident Handling 2022
6 Representing the Virtual: Using AAS to Expose Digital Assets 2022
7 Enabling a multi-agent system for resilient production flow in modular production systems 2022
8 Multi-agent Interaction Structure for Enabling Subsidiary Planning and Control in Modular Production Systems 2022
9 A Perspective on Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing 2023
10 Modelling with AAS and RDF in Industry 4.0 2023
11 Analysis and Assessment of Multi-Agent Systems for Production Planning and Control 2023
12 On-Demand and Model-Driven Case Building Based on Distributed Data Sources 2023
13 On the Use of Asset Administration Shell for Modeling and Deploying Production Scheduling Agents within a Multi-Agent System 2023
14 The MAS4AI framework for human-centered agile and smart manufacturing 2023
15 The completion of a Smart Factory Research Project by Concluding a DAO 2023
16 Energy Agents for Creation and Usage of Energy Load Profiles in a Skill-based Shared Production (To be published) 2023
17 Machine Learning Agents Augmented by Digital Twinning for Smart Production Scheduling (To be published) 2023
18 On-demand model-driven case building using distributed sources (To be published) 2023
19 Modelling Agents in Industry 4.0 applications using Asset Administration Shell (To be published) 2023
20 Digital-Twin enabled framework for training and deploying AI agents for production scheduling (To be published) 2024
21 Reinforcement Learning based approaches in manufacturing environments (To be published) 2024
22 A participatory modelling approach to Agents in Industry using AAS(To be published) 2024
23 I4.0 Holonic Multi-Agent Testbed Enabling Shared Production (To be published) 2024
24 A Multi Intelligent Agent Solution in the Automotive Components Manufacturing Industry (To be published) 2024
25 A deep reinforcement learning approach for production scheduling with the use of dispatch rules (To be published) 2024


D1.3 System Requirements Download
D2.1 User Manuals on Accessing and Using the MAS Download
D3.1 Implementation of knowledge models Download
D3.2 Agent knowledge access framework Download
D4.1 Modelling of the planning agent Download
D4.2 Development of the planning agent Download
D6.1 Smart Factory Testbed Setup – Initial Results Download
D6.6 Ethics framework Download
D7.1 Public Web Portal Download
D7.2 Public Web Portal Download
D7.8 Report on the standardization landscape and applicable standards Download
D8.2 Data Management Plan Download


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