SISTEPLANT is an industrial engineering and Software developer company founded in 1984 and is the Spanish leading company in the software and consultancy in the area of Lean Manufacturing. The company is located in Derio, in the Technological Park of Bizkaia – Spain and has around 150 employees, with a common aim of reaching satisfactory implementations with a practical focus that guarantees booth short term results and consistent management practices in the customer companies. SISTEPLANT offers and implements solutions relating all industrial aspects: manufacturing strategies and organization as agile manufacturing, process improvement and automation, industrial software, new industrial plants lay out, handling and warehouses, TPM, etc. Since its foundation SISTEPLANT has always been concerned with R&D, resulting in leader software solutions, as CAPTOR for Plant Data Acquisition & Plant Management (CAPTOR is a MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems) and PRISMA for Maintenance Management (PRISMA is a CAMS – Computer Aided Maintenance Systems). In the case of PRISMA, this solution is the Spanish Market leader and the fourth of Europe, while CAPTOR is also the Spanish Market leader and this software is centred in the improvement of OEE (Overall Efficiency Equipment). Additionally, SISTEPLANT has developed new software tools named i-TRACKER (Improvement Cycle Management) and PROMIND (Machine Learning and Mathematical Modelling). The whole group pf solutions (PRISMA, CAPTOR, i-TRACKER and PROMIND) is named as ‘Manufacturing Intelligence’ in SISTEPLANT. The usual market of SISTEPLANT is the South of Europe where the company sells the developments and the methodologies involved in applications related to manufacturing. The software and services are being distributed in South America too, using the offices of SISTEPLANT in Querétaro (Mexico) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

SISTEPLANT will have the role of exploitation manager and will develop the exploitation and business plans with the rest of the partners guiding how obtain an agreement in the exploitation plan of the projects results. Another role of SISTEPLANT within the project will be focused on the Manufacturing Intelligence, but mainly in the MES (CAPTOR) and the Machine Learning System (PROMIND). The integrated use of CAPTOR and PROMIND software will help to connect the systems and standardize the final solutions, and it can be used as the basis of the information for the optimisation of current equipment performance (use case of FERSA – TECNALIA). Additionally, SISTEPLANT can help in the Dissemination of the final results through their market channels mainly in Spain and South America. SISTEPLANT will have another additional role as provider of the ‘Manufacturing Intelligent System’ software (mainly CAPTOR and PROMIND) and adapting the software to the needs of the selected use case of FERSA – TECNALIA too.