Fundación TECNALIA Research and Innovation is the leading private and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing around 1.300 people (around 188 of whom are PhD holders). TECNALIA operates in all the fields of today and tomorrow’s industry: Industry and Transport, Information and Communication Technologies, Building, Energy and Environment, Innovation Systems and Health and Quality of Life. In the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013), TECNALIA has been involved in 377 projects, being the coordinator of 85 of them. TECNALIA is the foremost organisation in Spain in terms of participation and return in FP7. Up till October 2018, in H2020, TECNALIA has participated in 219 projects coordinating 44 of them. TECNALIA is an active member of EFFRA and participates in the High Level Group of European Technological Platform for Researching in Manufacturing (ManuFuture), coordinating the multi-annual workplan for the “Factories of the Future” JTI/PPP (Dr. Rikardo Bueno); and is represented in the executive board of the European Technological Platform for Researching in Robotics (EUROP), in the board of the European Robotics Research Network (EURON) and in the Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Systems (ARTEMIS). TECNALIA participates also in the following Platforms: European Technological Platform for materials (EUMAT), European Association of Automotive Centres (EARPA), Intelligent Transport Systems Platform (ERTICO) and European Association for Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (A. SPIRE Aisbl). TECNALIA is member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) and its Special Interest Group EUROTECH. The project will be undertaken by the Instrumentation & Smart Systems Business Area, part of the Industry and Transport Division. The division is focused on the design, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial products and services, for the improvement of its clients’ competitiveness in the following strategic sectors: foundry and steelmaking, machine-tool, automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, railway, construction and de-manufacturing. In more concrete terms, and tightly related to the project tasks, the Instrumentation & Smart Systems area focuses its activity in:

  • instrumentation and data acquisition systems for industrial machinery and goods
  • digital factory: production monitoring, optimization and optimal process control
  • condition-based monitoring solutions for maintenance and products lifecycle management
  • industrial safety and risk management systems
  • energy efficiency solutions focused on consumption prediction models and decision-making support tools

TECNALIA has participated in the development strategy of Basque Industry 4.0 and Industria Conectada 4.0, the Basque and Spanish programs in the Industry 4.0 domain. And has developed MDI-4.0, an innovative tool to help SMEs in the identification of the gaps and innovation actions that can have a relevant impact in the company.


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

TECNALIA main role is as WP5 leader, developing and implementing model-based machine learning on industrial scenarios, mainly in FERSA along with SISTEPLANT. TECNALIA will analyse and model raw material data in order to correct plant scheduling and equipment process parameters, adapting them to the different types of raw material characteristics. TECNALIA will participate in all WP, integrating the developments carried out in WP4 and WP5 with the semantic and the framework developed in WP2 and WP3. And validating them in WP6, after identifying requirements and specifications in WP1. TECNALIA will also analyse the results exploitation plan in WP7 along with dissemination activities.